The most comfortable way to buy Nokian Hakkapeliittas?

Vianor offers tyres for all common vehicles: passenger cars, vans, trucks, and heavy machinery. In addition to Nokian-branded tyres, the chain sells other leading tyre brands and a variety of motoring products, such as rims, batteries, and shock absorbers.

Apart from retail sales, Vianor conducts wholesale and fleet customer sales. The heavy seasonal fluctuations in tyre retail sales poses challenges for the year-round profitability of traditional tyre outlets. Therefore, Vianor’s services include tyre changes and mounting as well as oil changes, car servicing, and tyre storage, depending on the location. The goal is to make servicing a more significant part of Vianor’s growth and profitability.

The Vianor tyre chain operates in markets that are strategically important to Nokian Tyres, where it builds a foundation for permanent market shares for the group’s products. In 2014, Vianor offered the best network for the wholesale and retail of Nokian Tyres’ products in the group’s core markets. Vianor also improved its winter tyre market share and continued to grow its service sales. Developing the outlets’ operating model from tyre sales toward full car servicing was continued with investments and local acquisitions of car service shops. By the end of 2014, the chain had purchased a total of 56 businesses and integrated their car servicing operations into existing Vianor outlets.


Net sales, Operating result and Operating result%

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Net sales 307.9 298.4  315.3 312.5 314.8
Operating result  4 2.3 0 -1.8 2.1
Operating result% 1.3  0.8 0 -0.6 0.7