Present in our everyday work

The cornerstones for our actions are the high quality, safety, and eco-friendliness of our products as well as the responsible development of our company in all areas of business. For us, responsibility means creating safe and eco-friendly products, using state-of-the-art processes, profitable growth of our company, and the well-being and safety of our personnel.

In 2014, we further developed our Corporate Sustainability Report in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines and published the renewed report on our website. Regular reporting further increases the transparency and openness of our operation, and offers a good channel to track our activities and the effects of our actions on the outside world.

Responsibility through value-based management

Throughout our company history, environmental and safety aspects have been at the core of our product development, manufacture, and marketing. We take care of our personnel, customers, the economy, and environment while focusing on the safety and quality of our products. In addition to adhering to the laws and regulations, we have tried to exceed the requirements set for our activities by doing things better than required, and by simultaneously setting an example for the other companies in the tyre industry.

We have grouped the areas of our responsibility under five categories, which describe the main themes of managing and developing responsibility in our company

  • Hakkapeliitta Way is the theme for the principles of responsibility that are seen throughout our operations. It is connected to our company’s strategic goals and vision.
  • World on Wheels comprises our work on product safety and quality as well as our impact on traffic safety and the future of the rubber industry via expert organizations.
  • Economy focuses on the economic impacts of our operations.
  • People form the community around us: our employees and subcontractors around the world.
  • Planet describes our environmental footprint.

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Top quality is everyone’s business

EHSQ issues – such as quality management, environmental protection, well-being at work, safety management, and protecting property – are managed at the group level in our company. We use managed, effective, and carefully monitored development, procurement, and production processes for ensuring the high quality of our products. We all want to perform our duties as well as possible and contribute to the premium quality of our products and services.

In 2014, we continued our efforts to improve the quality of our products and operations even further. For example, we improved the traceability of individual tyres from the raw materials used until when the tyres are shipped out. Our objective is to record all the information that there is about a tyre and its production stages thereby improving quality assurance. We use different surveys to track and anticipate the needs of our customers, and we want to provide each one an excellent customer and user experience from every aspect

We build our company’s success in a responsible way together with our more than 4,000 employees internationally.

Safer work and a healthier environment

We aim at managing the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle and addressing the safety and quality aspects of our operations in a comprehensive and systematic manner. We strongly focus on the eco-friendliness of our products and processes. In line with the product life cycle approach, we pay attention to the environmental aspects all the way from raw material purchases to the utilization of used tyres. A good example of improving our operations is the incineration plant that we installed in our Nokia factory at the end of the year for processing VOC emissions. The incineration plant processes VOC emissions from the manufacture of heavy tyres and retreading materials, which significantly reduces emissions into the atmosphere.

We promote both product and occupational safety through risk management, continuous improvement of our processes, and new investments. In 2014, we continued to successfully reduce the amount of occupational accidents: accident frequency decreased by 15% throughout the group compared to the previous year. We clearly communicate and discuss safety visibly, which has made our personnel more active, for example in reporting deviations at earlier stages. In the fall, the management carried out its first safety walk in our Nokia factory, making safety observations and talking to employees about attitudes toward safety. In the future, the management will carry out regular safety walks in our factories in Nokia and Vsevolozhsk. We will continue to develop our safety culture throughout the group in 2015. We build our company’s success in a responsible way together with our more than 4,000 employees internationally.

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