Good leadership improves well-being and gives a competitive edge

Employee well-being, excellent performance and successful business require good leadership that is aimed at creating a result-oriented and positive working community. We at Nokian Tyres use systematic leadership to promote the competence development, well-being, and equal treatment of our committed, motivated, and professional staff.

During 2014, we clarified human resource management and put more emphasis on supervisor work and communication. The results from our Drive personnel survey acted as the basis for our development work, and our goal is to achieve a working community that is even more functional and safer than before and that has a higher will to win.

Working to improve activities and well-being

The renewed personnel survey achieved a response rate of 80%, which also tells us that our staff wants to actively participate in the development of our working community. The results indicate that commitment, leadership, and performance in our company are at a higher level than in the other reference organizations. Our staff thought that the values and goals of our company are worth aiming for, and that our corporate social responsibility issues are well managed. It is also important for business that our staff strongly believes in our products and services and considers them to be of high quality. The results also show that they were willing to recommend our company as an employer.

The internal inspection of communications processes and clarifying leadership were selected as areas for improvement. We want to take these actions in order to ensure that leadership and supervisor work are of high quality and suited to our needs. At the end of the year, we started a development project for leadership and supervisor work; it will define good leadership in our company at the level of principles and practical activities.

Well-being in our company consists of four areas: the physical, mental, cognitive, and social. We firmly believe that by developing our leadership and activities, and by advancing the different issues, we can increase security, commitment, productivity, and well-being. The internal entrepreneurship, collaborative understanding, and activity among our personnel all serve to support competence development, profitable growth, and strategic implementation. In our company, everyone has an opportunity for further growth and personal development.

For more information about our leadership, well-being, innovation activities, and other personnel issues, please see our online corporate sustainability report.

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