Key strategic objectives

Our focusing strategy creates goals that enable our company to be the best in the industry.

Number one in premium tyres in core markets

  • We are the market leader in premium tyres in. Nordic countries, Russia and other CIS countries
  • We are the forerunner in our core products and we have a globally strong position in niche segments

Personnel satisfaction

  • Nokian Tyres is a respected and attractive employer
  • Our personnel are highly skilled and motivated
  • Our personnel have the desire to continuously develop their personal skills and our company

The best processes

  • Our key processes and our business network are efficient and represent the cutting edge in the industry
  • Our organization is lean and fixed costs grow slower than sales
  • We uphold the principles of the responsible citizen in all of our activities

Customer satisfaction

  • We know the end users of our tyres, their needs and wishes. We offer our customers only the best
  • We have the industry’s best services, the highest customer satisfaction and loyalty

Shareholder satisfaction

  • We are the most profitable tyre manufacturer and tyre distributor in the industry with good share price development and dividend policy
  • We grow our company and profits through increasing sales, expanding distribution, strong pricing position and high productivity