Sales and distribution

Target markets

In 2014, Nokian tyres were sold in 61 countries. Russia, Finland, Germany, Sweden, and Norway made up 70% of our product sales.


A total of 1,355 outlets in 27 countries (189 own outlets and 1,166 franchising and partner outlets). 329 outlets in the Nordic and Baltic countries, 633 in Russia and the CIS countries, 294 in Central and Eastern Europe, and 69 in the United States.

Nokian Tyres Authorized Dealers

In the review period, our Nokian Tyres Authorized Dealer (NAD) partner network grew by 437 contracts and now totals 869 locations in 14 Central European countries and China.


The Hakka Guarantee retailers and other retail partners who work closely with Nokian Tyres in Russia form a network of some 3,600 locations, including tyre retailers, Vianor outlets, car dealerships, and online stores. Furthermore, our new N-Tyre partner network comprises 53 outlets in Russia and Kazakhstan.