Safety pioneer

Unique product development and testing competence create patented solutions for the demanding Nordic conditions thereby improving safety, driving comfort, and performance.

Sustainable safety

In the company that invented the winter tyre, product development is guided by the principle of sustainable safety: the safety characteristics of a tyre must remain nearly unchanged throughout its service life. Sustainable safety also includes developing eco-friendly products and production technologies.

The quality, durability, and eco-friendliness of our products are based on careful structural development and testing. Our state-of-the-art testing machines allow for an even more effective comparison of the characteristics of rubber compounds, tread patterns, and tyre structures.

Adding canola oil to rubber compounds improves the tear strength of winter tyres and provides more grip on snow and ice. In summer tyres, we use pine tree oil to improve wear resistance. Using natural materials and developing eco-friendly products that reduce fuel consumption, noise, and harmful emissions are important aspects of our R&D operations also in the future. Combining safety with driving comfort while also cutting fuel costs is a challenging task.

In 2014, “Nordic” winter tyres with excellent grip on ice made up more than half (56%) of our winter tyre range. The proportion of tyres that reduce fuel consumption through ultra-low rolling resistance was 76%. A total of 89% of our summer tyre products were in the very high wet grip category. Our top tyres in terms of low rolling resistance and high wet grip correspond to categories A, B, and C in the EU tyre label system.

Tailored with high precision

Nokian Tyres is known for the high quality, safety, and eco-friendliness of its products, which are carefully tailored to different markets and diverse, demanding conditions. Product development carefully follows the movements and changes of consumer needs and tries to anticipate the users’ wishes. We spend more than half of our R&D resources on testing our products.

We also renew our comprehensive product range quickly: new products make up at least 25% of our annual revenue. New products help the company to strengthen its position and maintain the desired pricing and profit margins in a highly competitive market.

We work closely with the leading car manufacturers. More than 20 quality brands have selected Nokian Tyres’ products in their winter tyre program. Testing collaboration with contractors plays a key role in the development of Nokian special tyres.

We test more than 20,000 winter tyres in Ivalo throughout the winter season.

Testing under extreme conditions

We test our products under authentic conditions around the world. In our own test laboratory in Ivalo, Finnish Lapland we develop test winner tyres that consumers around the world can rely on. Creating a test-winning tyre requires immense expertise and millions of test kilometers.

We annually expand our Ivalo Testing Center “White Hell”, which simulates the extreme winter driving conditions from November to May, day and night. Our versatile testing center in Nokia provides flexible and unique conditions for utilizing high-speed photography and testing the slush-planing properties of tyres, for example.

To achieve comprehensive results, we also test our tyres on several international tracks. In addition to our own tests, taxi businesses from the Nordic countries also take part in durability testing and the development of new tyre models. The development of an entirely new passenger car tyre takes 2 to 4 years.

Continuous renewal

Continual investments in new products, versatile testing, and advanced instruments enable the company to develop test-winning products with unique innovations year after year. One of our newest inventions is the Nokian Aramid Sidewall technology, which provides SUV tyres with added protection against impacts and cuts.

Intensive laboratory and field testing, a thorough understanding of the seasons together with the elements and characteristics of our products all work to serve the ultimate goal of product development – road safety in demanding and varying conditions.