Tailored safety for varying conditions

Different markets require their own tailored products and precision innovations.

As a winter tyre pioneer, we expanded our comprehensive winter product range with new special products. The new studded Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV represents the new Hakkapeliitta winter tyre generation that tackles the extremes of Nordic winter with completely new innovations. The state-of-the-art stud technology provides never before seen grip on ice and snow. Our new van tyres, the studded Nokian Hakkapeliitta C3 and non-studded Nokian CR3 provide winter grip and driving comfort for demanding professional use.

Another interesting addition is the robust Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2 AT35 special tyre. The experts of extreme conditions, Nokian Tyres and Arctic Trucks teamed up enabling special 4×4 vehicle owners to handle the most demanding winter conditions in the world. The new Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2 AT35 is the largest Hakkapeliitta winter tyre designed for heavy-duty 4×4 vehicles. In the future, you might encounter this giant Hakkapeliitta in the regions near the North or South Pole.

The new summer tyre range
is built to last

In the spring of 2015, Nokian Tyres offers a wider summer tyre range than ever before. The company launched 8 new premium summer tyres for its core markets in the fall of 2014. We introduced three new products to the Nokian Hakka summer tyre family, which is tailored for rough roads and the varying Northern summer. Nokian Hakka Black SUV and Nokian Hakka Blue SUV are designed for varied use on sports utility vehicles.

With the precise handling and unique durability of the sporty Nokian Hakka Black SUV, drivers of powerful SUVs can enjoy the full performance of their vehicle with exceptional driving comfort.

The new Nokian Hakka Blue SUV is a comfortable charmer and a high performer that cuts fuel costs. It is the right choice for the driver who values safe and powerful performance but wants to enjoy the features of his or her SUV on dirt roads and urban environments alike. The sturdy Nokian Hakka C2 van tyre brings controlled stability and durability for heavier loads.

Nokian zLine SUV and Nokian Line SUV targeted especially for Central European markets are convincing performers with a comfortable driving feel. The new Nokian cLine van tyre provides durability and safety for demanding professional use.

View the video of Nokian Hakka Black SUV

View the video of Nokian Hakka Blue SUV

View the video of Nokian zLine SUV

View the video of Nokian Line SUV

Special products for demanding heavy use

The versatile Nokian Rotiiva AT Plus is especially designed for heavy-duty use on light trucks and pick-ups. For light trucks, large SUVs, and pick-ups, we developed the Nokian Rotiiva HT, which performs reliably on asphalt as well as gravel.

The world’s first winter tyre for tractor contracting, Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI is a unique winter specialist. This special product by Nokian Heavy Tyres provides superior traction and winter grip for snow clearing and heavy-duty contracting.

Nokian Hakka Truck 844 is designed for all-season long and medium distance transport, and it provides excellent grip even under winter conditions. It is the first trailer tyre of this size (385/55R22.5) on the market that has both the M+S label and the snowflake symbol, which indicates official winter tyre approval.

The new Nokian NTR 52 front tyre is a reliable performer even as the kilometers add up. The new structure and tread compound give the new tyre excellent durability and high grip under main road conditions. The tyre is designed for trucks and buses for medium and long distance use, and it meets the EURO 6 load carrying capacity requirements. Nokian NTR 52 also has the M+S label, and it is well suited for all-season use.

Nokian truck tyres

Hakkapeliitta Test Experience

Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI – Innovations to beat winter

Nokian Tyres developed the world’s first winter tyre with an A class rolling resistance rating

Green winter tyre technology for electric cars

The most energy efficient winter tyre model in the automotive industry

Nokian Tyres developed the world’s first winter tyre with an A class rolling resistance rating. The new Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 is a non-studded winter tyre designed for BMW’s unique i3 electric car. The genuine Hakkapeliitta winter tyre is tailored for the Nordic winter, and it combines ultra-low rolling resistance with excellent grip and driving comfort. With the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2, electric car drivers can enjoy up to 30% lower rolling resistance compared to other winter tyres on the market. The new model is the world’s first winter tyre to achieve an A class rolling resistance rating in the EU tyre label system. Low rolling resistance saves energy, thereby extending the range of the car.

Nokian renkaat R2
Aramid Sidewall

Improved durability

Nokian Aramid Sidewall technology

The test-winning Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV winter tyre features the unique Nokian Aramid Sidewall technology, which is now also used in the sidewall compound of new SUV tyres. The sidewall compound contains the extremely strong aramid staple fiber and provides exceptional protection against wear and cuts. The same material is utilized by the aerospace and defense industries. The aramid fiber stiffens and reinforces the sidewall to withstand external impacts and pressing against the wheel flange.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV   |    Nokian Hakka Black SUV
Nokian Hakka Blue SUV  |  Nokian zLine SUV
Nokian Line SUV

Learn more about
the Nokian Aramid Sidewall concept:


Nokian Eco Stud 8

Better winter grip and driving comfort

Nokian Eco Stud 8 concept

A new-generation, multi-faceted anchor stud, flange design that reduces stud impact, and the patented
Eco Stud cushion that improves the operation of the stud and softens the road contact.

  • 190 studs (size 205/55 R16) with computer-optimized stud distribution
  • A single stud weighs under 1 g
  • On average, 12% lower road wear effect than required by the Nordic stud legislation.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8   |    Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV

Cryo Crystal

First-class winter grip, more precise handling

Nokian Cryo Crystal concept

Grip on ice is improved with diamond-tough crystal-like grip particles in the rubber compound that grab onto the driving surface.

Nokian Hakka Black SUV   |    Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV
Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2   |   Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 SUV
Nokian Hakkapeliitta CR3


Improved range, excellent winter grip

Nokian Intelligent eSilica rubber compound

The rubber compound we use in electric car tyres performs well over an extended temperature range, maximizing low rolling resistance and winter grip. Together with the silica particles, the molecular chains of the tread compound form a strong, yet flexible combination. The sipes, or grooves, on the symmetrical tread model work actively regardless of variations in grip level and temperature.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 – BMW i3 ja BMW i8


Safety on wet roads

Blade groove

Aggressive blade grooves cut through the ribs in the center area, effectively storing water and guiding it towards the longitudinal grooves.

Nokian Hakka Black SUV  |   Nokian zLine SUV


Effective anti-aquaplaning

Trumpet groove

The shoulder areas have trumpet grooves, bullet-type indentations that store water from between the tyre and the road, accelerating its flow from the main grooves towards the transverse grooves and maximizing grip even on wet roads.

Nokian Hakka Blue SUV   |   Nokian Line SUV

Revolutionary resistance for impacts – Toughness like never before